Top 5 Content Marketing Tools to Boost Content and Traffic

Creating a content marketing strategy that rocks!

You’ve made that decision to start your own business, or you already have your own since a few time now, and as one of your advertising tools, you’re going to set up a blog with some visual content or even a website, with a true content management strategy.

But how do you start content marketing for your ideas?

What sort of content marketing tools are available on the market? Which will help you write more engaging content and monitor user’s behavior while reading it?

What is content analytics?

Do you actually need a marketing tool for your media management, or can you do your own content creation just by writing the thing or things that are great about your business?

This article will help you finding the right path while working on your content management strategy and succed as a content marketer.

The ultimate list of handy tools and a content tools list

tools for content marketing

Semantic Related Terms / Keyword Research 

Your content strategy of course aims at attracting more users to your blog or site. One of the best content marketing tools is Keys4Up. This easy to use content tool site helps content creators optimize their marketing efforts to get better search engine rankings. It aid the SEO of your content marketing strategy, based on “keyword research.” and especially in semantic related terms suggestions. It has a host of content distribution tools, content production tools, and content organization tools.

Content curation

Content curation is also important. While this may seem to be a strange term, it simply means that you are sharing your information with others. Check out Poket. This content curation tool teaches you how to keep all the information, visual displays, or even tweets in the same place, allowing you to become your own content marketer. Perhaps you’re not really talking about your work, but you are adding value and interest to those who are reading your blog or consulting your site.

Chatbots (eg. for Social Media Management, automation, etc.)

Another great way to increase your marketing performances is with chatbots. For example MobileMonkey is a chatbot platform which is also a great (productivity/social media/sms messaging/automation/chatbot) tool.

Marketing automation

Marketing automation is also another content marketing tool you have to consider. This is something that helps you turn prospects into customers, and of course, turn them into repeat customers. This is quite complicated, and poorly designed automation often fails. To help you clear this important hurdle, you can take a look at Hubspot. This will help you generate content marketing efforts and reach those very important clients you are targeting.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is relatively new, but growing by leaps and bounds. Back in the “olden days,” this would have been called “word-of-mouth” advertising or marketing. But now, this targets influential people, or just those who spread information, such as bloggers who can refer to your content in an article. Traackr is a site where this is explained in detail, allowing you to discover market influencers you never would have thought about before, thus optimizing your content marketing efforts.

Email marketing

Email marketing is another digital asset for you, and something that you are probably familiar with for your written content distribution. There are many marketing platforms giving you services and prices. This is a way to use content conversion: your prospects can perhaps see a visual, look at a white paper on your marketing platform, without having to fill in a form or download an image. Content Conversion is a large company who can clarify how to use content organization and media analytics in your project management.

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