how to create a succesfull content strategy

Content Marketing involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing different types of content as a way of attracting customers. When done in the right manner, content marketing becomes an integral part in the delivery of the intended SEO results. But as content marketing becomes popular, the chances of its abuse rise. When creating a content marketing strategy, you should be keen on the following.

1. Specify your Content Marketing Goals

Anything that is related to content marketing should always start with goals, especially those that track your market performance. Your strategy should contain usable content that attracts the right audience. The goals should be able to: deliver leads, bring more traffic to your website, raise awareness on your business and help build and grow your social media presence.

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2. Develop Content

A proper content strategy should come up with content that is easy to comprehend. It is important to use short paragraphs with varying sentence lengths. Avoid grammar mistakes, proofread your posts and use an active voice when writing, it makes the people who read your posts to be more engaged with your published content. The developed content should have a general idea of your audience’s content personas and preferences: this will help you develop topics that show that you understand your customers. Decide on the areas that you are going to help your audience and entertain them with a bit of humour.

3. Define your Calls to Action

The goals of a business should be linked with the goals that the audience should complete after consuming your content. The definition of a call to action is a set of instructions that are meant to invoke an immediate response from the audience. This is done by using a statement such as “visit us today” or “call now to find out”. The immediate response should also include signing up for a newsletter, viewing the list of products, downloading an e-book and getting a coupon among others.

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4. Create Content Personas

Knowing and understanding your audience’s characteristics should be the initial step in creating engaging content. After this, you should be able to carry out research and come up with content that represents your typical audience. The main reasons are: you get a better understanding of the needs of the people that you are talking to, personify your audience, and predict the responses of your audience for better targeting. By doing so, you get to be objective with your strategy.

5. Tracking Results

After performing company research and customer research and ensuring that your content tells your brand story, you should ensure that your channel plans have results. Proper content management ensures that you compile your results by having access to the information on downloads, unique page views, bounce rate and average time spent on a page.

6. Content Promotion

After posting your content, you must ensure that it reaches the targeted audience; proper SEO governance does this. Content should be promoted the right way. Channels such as social media, other websites (guest posting, etc.), commenting, linking to other influencers, are all ways in which you can promote your content, and make it be read by thousands of happy users. 

7. Other Factors to Consider

Successful content managers should always keep an eye on the competitor. A proper channel plan should pave the way for competitor research, to stay ahead. Long content lifecycle will ensure the development of relevant content that people will pay attention to. The website should have a responsive design for easy content arrangement and access.

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