The skills you need to become a content marketing manager

In today’s ever changing digital world, companies need a digital manager who understands the new internet paradigms and their interactions.

It means knowing and understanding the operations of each and every digital and social channel. This raises many questions like, how to post on different social sites, the priorities to include in email marketing and how content marketing will build and grow your search engine optimization.

Here’s are the skill sets are imperative for the best and successful content marketing.

But first, this great infographic shows which skills are necessary for good content creation. 

content marketing skills infographic

Understand Data

A digital content manager should be able to translate data in a manner that tells a story. He or she should make the right decisions on metrics and measure them successfully. A competent content manager should possess the relevant work skills to translate data to the decision makers.

Journalism Skills

Individuals who are trained in journalism and have gathered experience in journalism-related jobs can understand the requirements for developing a compelling story. A content marketing manager should ask the right questions, listen carefully and be able to probe even further. By possessing these skills, they can easily influence and create buyer personas.

Great Editors

A content manager should have editing skills so as to higher marketers with the required writing skills. Great writers should be highly organized to develop content from different places.

Highly Adaptable

Agility is a valuable asset for successful brands. An online content manager should have the ability to come into any situation and deliver instant results. The ability to understand tactics and strategy to balance demands with customer expectations is always a positive.

Tell and Think

A content marketing manager needs to be a strategic thinker and a storyteller. Great project managers should have qualifications in communication studies to think strategically in regards to brand partnerships.

Good Project Managers

A content program has a lot of projects that can be tough to manage. To keep everything running without going over the budget, content managers should have accommodating and solid project management skills.

Work with Others

The ability to work effectively in a cross-functional team is very important in content management. Content marketing is becoming more and more complex with the involvement of different stakeholders. Content managers should have a work style that can guide, pull together and collaborate with different personnel to drive business.


Great content managers should create for themselves, not just for the company. By being able to create technology for themselves, it means that the project interests them. These are individuals who can perform technical tasks like using publishing software for online publishing, open a blog or an app and clearly demonstrate to their subjects how it can be used to achieve the content marketing objectives.

All these are management tools that ensure effective leadership in content marketing.

An individual who possesses these skills can keep up with the high pace of change that is being experienced in the digital world. For instance, they need to understand the importance and impact of mobile marketing because this is the highest growing platform where customers are interacting with brands.

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