Top 5 free keyword research tools

Best Free Keyword Tools in 2016

Keyword research is one of the most significant and critical parts of search engine optimization.

Keyword research forms the basic foundation of SEO and works seamlessly with other factors like a responsive website user interface. Many companies pay thousands of dollars on marketing consulting to obtain targeted content and relevant data, especially the long tail keyword data.

Content marketers and bloggers come up with suggestions like to concentrate on developing quality content for the audience, but ignoring keywords leave a lot of traffic on the table. There are many free keyword research tools on the market that are effective in getting visitors to your site, and they have different features and offer different benefits and results.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

Google planner is among the most commonly used keyword research tools on the internet. The main reason Google planner is popular is because it is free and integrates perfectly with AdWords.

The main feature of this marketing tech is the relative volume of data and complex information it provides on the Google search engine. The main limitation of this tool is that it does not offer information regarding your keyword and website performance on the search engine.


Keys4Up keyword tool is used for Latent Semantic Indexing or LSI. Adding LSI keywords is a sure way to boost your search engine rankings.

The primary function of this free tool is its ability to understand the meaning of the keyword and give relevant keyword suggestions without a repeat. It also gives results in keyword research video and provides favourable results for a marketing conference.



You can try Keys4Up keyword tool for free.

Keyword Eye

It is a free keyword tool that is developed by a team from the United Kingdom: it can be accessed from other countries by changing the country option on settings. Keyword Eye gives users the ability to order the cloud visualisation by either search volume or AdWords competition.

Keyword suggestions are displayed in a larger font: this is also an easy way for checking other related words. This function presents a better strategy for localisation and translation of the keyword. It gives users an opportunity to save on translation costs and to avoid making vocabulary mistakes.

Keyword Spy

This keyword management tool works for those users who like ‘listening’ on other keywords. The free version has interesting features included, for example, the domain spy tool.

With this tool, users can search any domain into the search tab to obtain accurate data on the amount spent on paid search, their competitors and the personalized keywords that use the most funds. The keyword tool external function enables users to export the findings to spreadsheets, Excel and Google Spreadsheets.


This is a keyword suggestion tool with a very useful free option. One of its primary functions is the ability to provide information using Google’s results metrics.

It shows users how big the competition is for a particular keyword. Another function that sets SemRush apart from other free keyword tools is related keywords. It points out the keywords that are not relevant with what the user is searching.

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